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Sahayak is the CSR initiative of True Credits

We are committed to people, the environment, and society, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations. We want to play our part in making the world a better place.

The aim is to create opportunities for marginalized communities by facilitating quality education, creating a financially inclusive society, promoting a healthy society, Reducing of carbon footprints and fostering sustainable societal development. As a financial institution, we are determined to bring positive change to the lives of socially disadvantaged communities across the country.


Our Objective

As a responsible corporate citizen, it is imperative that the business of the company is undertaken responsibly and fairly with all the stakeholders. True Credits is committed to and conducts its business activities lawfully and in a manner that is consistent with its compliance obligations and meets the highest ethical standards.

Corporate Social Responsibilities Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) is not merely compliance; it is a commitment to support initiatives that measurably protect the environment, spread/promote education, and improve the lives of the underprivileged.
CSR activities that the Company may undertake shall include all the items or activities that are recognized as such under the regulations as amended from time to time.

It could be a small step from our end, but it might just help someone else take that giant leap

Speaking on the Sahayak Program


COO, TrueBalance


Overview of Sahayak - True Credits CSR Initiative


50 youths were trained to improve their employability

Spoken English, Digital & Financial Literacy for Socio-Economic Empowerment of unemployed youth



Tree Plantation Drive. 110 Trees planted

Volunteers from Trecredits enthusiastically participated in a tree plantation drive (Balancing Nature). This marks our committed effort to harmonize nature and promote environmental conservation for a more sustainable future. Collaborating closely with local villagers, our volunteers joined hands in planting a variety of trees, a significant step towards preserving biodiversity.


Balancing Nature

With an intent of 'Balancing Nature', the team True Credits concluded a plantation drive under its CSR - The Sahayak Program.

Aimed to promote environmental sustainability and harmony, this initiative showcased a powerful message of unity and environmental protection by nature enthusiasts



in collaboration with TERI,
represents our commitment to society's sustainability

Sahayak Activities

Upskilling youths in digital literacy, computer knowledge, personality development, and other critical subjects to make them more employable

Equipping community centers in villages with solar energy to support their small businesses, ensuring financial stability and positive engagement

Installing solar street lights in villages to enhance safety and bring brightness to Diwali in these chosen villages


Skill Development

· December 1, 2023

CSR Project HARMONY to promote financial inclusion


Skill Development

· January 11, 2023

TrueBalance partnered with TERI to promote financial inclusion with the launch of ‘Project HARMONY’

Sahayak Press Coverage

CSR Today- a marquee CSR only magazine in India has featured our 'Sahayak Program initiative' as a special standalone article in the February issue

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