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Terms & Conditions

Processing Fee Discount Offer on Cash Loan - Terms and Conditions

  1. The processing fee discount offer shall be given for Cash Loans from True Credits Private Limited only and will start from 19/06/2024 12:00:00 and remain valid till 23/06/2024 23:59:59, subject to the applicable terms and conditions. 

  2. This offer shall be valid for selected users only. Only those users who will apply for a new Cash Loan during the promotion period may be eligible for this offer. This offer shall not apply to any active loans.

  3. This offer shall be applicable to the approval of 12 months tenure Cash Loan only.

  4. The selection of the users who will be eligible for the offer shall be decided solely by True Credits Private Limited, in its sole discretion.

  5. The pre-approval of the loan will be based on the product terms & conditions. However, the offer promotion shall not be a basis for pre-approval of the following new loan.


  6. This offer shall be valid on Processing Fee only. All other amounts, including principal amount, interest rates, charges, shall be in accordance with the loan documents executed by the users.

  7. No two offers can be combined during this promotion.


  8. The processing fee discount offer is subject to change and discontinuation at any point of time without providing any notice at the sole discretion of True Credits Private Limited.


  9. True Credits Private Limited reserves the right to terminate, withdraw, suspend, amend, extend, modify, add or remove portions of the offer, at any time without any prior written notice.


  10. This T&C shall be governed in accordance with the applicable laws in India. Also, Courts at Gurugram shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute that may arise under this T&C.

  11. Cash Loan Borrowers may be contacted for marketing and promotional purposes. We request you to kindly review our privacy policy available at to understand our security practices.

  12. True Credits Private Limited reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of users. In case of any violation of these T&Cs or any loan documents including misrepresentation by user or any illegal activity by user, True Credits Private Limited shall have the right to take required and appropriate legal action.


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