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Gradation of Risks

Approach for Gradation of Risks

All “Borrower/s” on the loan facility are hereby informed that the company has the following approach and considers following factors for assessing rate of interest for each Borrower:

  1. Risk related to loss of credit due to short tenure of loan; 

  2. Nature of facility;

  3. Ticket size of loan;

  4. Demographic conditions;

  5. Customer segment;

  6. Stability in earnings and employment;

  7. Financial position;

  8. Past repayment track record with the Company or with other lenders;, 

  9. External ratings of customers, credit reports;

  10. Customer relationship; 

  11. Other existing indebtedness;

  12. Results from digital verification; 

  13. RBI Guidelines; and 

  14. Any other factors on a case-by-case basis, as may be applicable. 

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